can i say something???

i am many things. a christian, a wife, a mother, a photographer and a loan processor. this weekend i photographed my boss and his family who happen to be my friends as well. our children are almost the same age. our oldest share the same class at school and church and 2 of the other ones are almost the same age.

can we talk about pressure?? taking pictures of your friends is enough but your boss too?!?
add in temp. of about 35 degrees and no clouds in sight and you have a challenge :)
we had a great time. here are some of my fav's.


  1. kim, these are fabulous... i can't wait to see the rest!

  2. GREAT PICS!! You did a wnderful job and they don't look cold at all.

  3. Great pictures, beautiful family.

  4. LOve them! One of my faves is the two of you with the bus. So cute!

  5. Beautiful shots. You are so talented!

  6. Oh my goodness, they are just wonderful!!!!!
    -sandy toes